Secondary 1-5

Secondary Mathematics

Tutelage builds on the aims of the Primary Mathematics Course with a greater emphasis in concept acquisition. Students are developmentally ready to acquire abstract concepts and further develop abstract reasoning skills (c.f. Piaget). Contrary to expectations, Tutelage does not undermine the importance of inculcating the appreciation of the origins and utility of the mathematical concepts. The abstract notations (e.g., algebraic equations) were not invented to test students’ intelligence and bear no real-life applications. In fact, the reverse is true where the abstract notations allow a greater sensitivity of the world’s variability and complexity and yet allow mathematicians to continue to explain the lawful relationships found in the world.

An emphasis is also placed on the actual application of the mathematical concepts and not a mere regurgitation or routine-application of the method to the questions found in examination papers. Students thereby will develop a broader thinking skills that is not narrowed or specific to mathematical examination questions, but skills that are transferable to all the other subjects.

Secondary Sciences

The heart of Sciences remains to be inquiry. A pertinent skill that students will continue to develop and nurture in Tutelage is the Scientific method of inquiry of planning an experimental protocol to examine and test their hypotheses about the world. This skill is expanded to using scientific apparatus, honing their observation and analysis processes. The latter is an essential addition to the students’ repetoire of skills because the topics learnt at this level include light and electrical energy which necessitates an understanding of the scientific apparatus to test the scientific predictions and concepts.

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