Primary Science

We feel a sense of regret when we witness how students are cramping for Science examinations by memorizing and regurgitating volumes and volumes of text without a fundamental grasp of the scientific concepts. More often than not, these students continue to do badly in their Science examinations despite the time and effort they spent doing and memorizing their assessment books. Regrettably, they often develop a sense of anxiety and dislike for the Sciences.

We believe that the heart of Science is inquiry. Throughout the ages, scientists seek to explain the natural laws found in the earth we live in. The law of gravity was not discovered by Newton indoors. Archimedes’ principle was even discovered in the bathtub! Intuitively, we know that these great laws and theorems were the result of the scientists’ incessant inquiry and curiosity. They never stopped asking the why’s, what’s and the how’s. The questions did not originate from the examination papers but the world itself.

Questioning thus begins in the Tutelage classroom but takes students’ minds to the world beyond. Why does it rain? What is my shirt made of? How were the birds classified as birds and not mammals? At Tutelage, we bring the world to the classroom with our projector and teaching aids. Students are exposed to videos of the world outside the classroom and even Singapore. Science is fun because we teach them what is interesting about the world, and why it is interesting to learn about them.


Secondary Sciences

The heart of Sciences remains to be inquiry. A pertinent skill that students will continue to develop and nurture in Tutelage is the Scientific method of inquiry of planning an experimental protocol to examine and test their hypotheses about the world. This skill is expanded to using scientific apparatus, honing their observation and analysis processes. The latter is an essential addition to the students’ repertoire of skills because the topics learnt at this level include light and electrical energy which necessitates an understanding of the scientific apparatus to test the scientific predictions and concepts.

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