Primary English Course

Learning a language is not easy, but certainly not impossible. At the heart of a language is the deliberate act of communication. The pristine form and purpose of English to communicate effectively is espoused in the design of lessons with the aid of videos and newspaper articles. Students will develop their confidence as they participate in classroom discussions where they could test their ‘English’ in a safe and encouraging environment.

The emphasis on grammar, vocabulary and comprehension will be a guiding principle in our lesson packages, serving the overarching aim of effective communication. Effective communication constitutes a degree of skill in the comprehension of the interlocutor’s intention and ideas that is underpinned by an understanding of grammar rules and vocabulary or the meaning of the conversation. We aim to instill an insatiable interest in the language in our students that they would love to express their ideas via the English language in both the spoken and written modalities. Therefore, practice in the classroom written exercises will not be the mindless and monotonous regurgitation of grammar rules but an appreciation of how grammar is useful and fun to use, and the fun pedagogy of learning vocabulary (which also includes metaphors of speech and idioms) through games and engaging exercises.

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