Frequently Asked Questions

Will students be given homework?
Yes, homework is given and corrected every week and each student is expected to complete
the assignments on time. Weekly homework that can be completed in an hour are essential to
reinforce concepts taught in class.

Are there tests?
Regular assessments provide a vital means to monitor the student’s progress and progress
reports will be given to parents subsequently.

Are the lessons relevant to what the students are learning in school?
Yes. Our tutors are equipped with the latest MOE syllabus teaching materials that are structured and in accordance to the current syllabus.

How are tuition fees charged?
Students or parents can pay by month (4 or 5 lessons) or term (12 lessons).
For the monthly fee, a non-refundable deposit of one month’s fee is mandatory.
For first-time students, we collect a one-time registration fee of $25 each.
Material fees including assessment books and in-house worksheets cost $10 per month.

What are the modes of payment for tuition?
Fees can be paid in petty cash, NETS or cheques made to Tutelage Centre Private Limited.

Is there a discount for sibling sign up?
There will be a 10% discount for siblings who sign for the term package. This is not applicable
for the monthly tuition package or used in conjunction with other promotions.

Why must the student take the APT?
The APT (Academic Proficiency Test) enables us to know the student’s current standard in the subject. This test serves as a benchmark
to compare results before and after joining Tutelage.
A progress report will be given to parents every 3 months to track the students’ progress.

Do we have to pay for the materials such as worksheets?
Yes. Material fees of $10 per month for each student will be collected.

Do we have to pay for assessment books used in class?
Assessment books will be given as complimentary supplements to aid teaching.
However, students will bear the expenses for the loss of assessment books.

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